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January 10th - May 2nd (Ongoing Training)
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Lifetime Yoga Certification

Process of Authentication

There are many lineages and claims; we don’t want to teach or study counterfeit identities both in the material or spiritual frame. Yoga in the modern world has taken a form where all yoga schools claim they are the best; however, there are hundreds of yoga styles and techniques.  You will experience philosophy, asanas, pranayama, and service.  That is why your MSI teacher training gives you a lifetime yoga certification. 

Lineage of MSI Practice

The lineage of the Mindful Servant Institute  goes all the way back to Lord Shiva. Our practice is a very comprehensive and broad approach that is based on spiritual values and connecting with Universal Consciousness. It connects Ashtanga, Hatha, Clinical Astrology, Bhakti and Ayurveda to deliver an extremely inclusive set of knowledge.
Here's what you'll get


  • Lifetime Yoga Certification with Mindful Servant Institute

  • Online Philosophy Classes

  • In Person Asana and Pranayama Classes

  • Lifetime Access to MSI Resources Including Guidebooks and Live Zoom Calls

  • Handpicked Mentorship Program

  • Business Guidance

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Personal Health Guidance

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Ride the wave of  Yoga and Service; experience true transcendence today...

Naivedya, Lifetime Mindful Servant Practioner

Training Structure

The structure of training is broken down into Asanas, Pranayama, Theoretical, and Service. We can expand the availability of some of these options to suit the needs of the class.

Theoretical Class:

Monday - Wednesday 8-9 pm on Zoom

Sunday 7-9 pm on Zoom

Current Asana and Pranayama Options:

Sunday Sculpting 10am-12pm (Atlanta or Zoom)

Tuesday 6pm-8pm (Athens or Zoom)

Thursday 5pm-7pm (Atlanta or Zoom)

Thursday 8pm-9pm (Zoom)

Friday Sculpting 6am - 8am (Atlanta or Zoom)

Saturday Sculpting 12pm-2pm (Athens or Zoom)

Our Service:

Food4lives Atlanta (1122 Old Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, Ga)

Food4lives Athens (770-906-5986)

Certification Requirements:

80% of Theoretical Class and Presentations

30 total Asana and Pranayama Classes

75% on Final Exam

30 Units of Service

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