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Enota Mountain Escape Retreat

Join us on a journey to your heart

December 3rd - 5th

Hiawassee, GA

We are all going on a journey called life.
The most important questions you need to ask are
What is your destination?
Who is providing directions to that destination?

Without a destination, any guide - however trustworthy - will not be able to help us. And without a caring guide who has our best interests, however knowledgeable, we will not be able to reach our destination without much delay, error and frustration. 

Our Aim

Our aim at the Mindful Seva Institute is to equip as many people as we can reach with the tools to discover their destination (we call it purpose) and trust in their guides (we call them relationships). Our teachers are not only practitioners with 100s of years of combined experience in the various limbs of Yoga and Eastern Philosophy but who genuinely gave us direction and care when we were lost.


In an attempt to discover our purpose and build meaningful relationships, we have created an experience of adventure, rejuvenation and self-discovery that was inspired by our learnings from Bhakti Yoga -  specifically catered to the needs of young adults. We hope you will join us to explore and apply these invaluable insights in your personal journeys.


How does it work?

The methods shared in this retreat are over 5000 years old, yet very much relevant to today's times. The most fundamental concept is to understand the intertwining of our life's purpose and our relationships. To then dive into the deep ocean of insights involves the processes of mindfulness, conscious cleansing and intentional decision making. Seem too simple or too abstract?

Where are we going?

Most vacation brochures (commercial yoga retreats too!) heavily emphasize the location of tourism as the main attraction. And yes, the environment we live in has a profound impact on our ability to process our emotions and thoughts, and hence our actions. However, one of our teachers has famously quoted that “the environment is simply an external manifestation of the ecology of the heart”. We believe that this retreat has to happen not so much in the scenic mountains of Enota, as much as in your heart. 

That being said, our retreat center is at the top of Enota Mountain, allowing for beautiful views of the valley. The pristine forest with its undulating slopes is perfect for our meditation and introspection. Come prepared to hug nature's friends at the local animal sanctuary and find new relationships with the community. Being so close to Atlanta makes it a magical oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation in the midst of the grind of modern cities.