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Laxman Head Shot.JPG

Laxman Das

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

  • Prouduct Director of Carbice

    • Developing the thinnest  thermal interface materials using nanotechnology  to enable the next generation computing

  • Favorite asana: Sun Salutation​

  • Favorite pranayama: External Retention

Tejasvi Head Shot.JPG


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics

  • Founder of Your Professional Tutors​​

    • Combine ancient yoga techniques and advanced mathematics to unlock your mind

  • US College Boxing Campion 2019​

  • Favorite asana: Scorpion

  • Favorite pranayama: Bhasthrika


Naivedya Dasi

University of Georgia

Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

  • Founding artist at Cosmic Color Creator ​​​​

    • paintings designed to heal 

  • Author of MSI Lifestyle Guide and Journal

  • Favorite asana: Front Split

  • Favorite pranayama: Kapalbhati

"Deep down, we are all loving beings. As life happens we tend to build these protective layers around our heart. Mindful Servant Institute shows us how to remove these layers to become loving instruments in this beautiful universe"

"Together we will reach new heights and achieve elevated states of bliss. Yoga is a journey of self discovery that requires hard work and dedication. Every human being faces unique but surmountable challenges. It is an honor to provide you with the customized tools needed to overcome physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles."

"The beautiful light of Bhakti Yoga shows us the path through the valley of material darkness. A gentle, consistent practice of  holistic self-love has the power to catapult us to the mountain-top of self-realization. Our MSI yoga sessions provide you with the energy needed to experience this transcendence."

Bala Ram Head Shot.JPG

Balaram Das

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Media and Communications

  • Director of Farm Retreats

  • Has taken renunciation ​and performed many austerities in the pursuit of higher existence

  • Favorite Asana: Pigeon

    • ​excellent for opening the hips and starting the day​​

  • Favorite Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana

"I have given up lucrative corporate positions to immerse myself in yoga and service. I have dedicated my life to improving the mental and physical health of all of those around. I believe in connecting all human beings in a way that reminds us that we are one global family. Join me in improving life on Earth."

Bhoomi Devi Head Shot.JPG

Bhoomi Devi

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Wellness

  • Founder at AVO Energetic Chiropractic & Yoga

    • ​Discover how the power of breath, movement, and stillness can enhance your life

  • Favorite Asana: Standing Bow

    • Challenges my strength, balance and softness

  • Favorite Pranayama: Uddiyana Bandha 

"Yoga is an act of self-love, that teaches one self-worth and self-awareness. I believe every soul wants to love and be loved; yoga helps us unfold the layers covering our heart that are stopping us from loving at our full capacity, and who doesn’t want that? Through conscious breath, movement and mindfulness techniques yoga changed my life for the better. I wish the same for you."

Mohini Head Shot.JPG

Mohini Devi

University of Florida

Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Head of Public Relations

  • Has fasted for over 15 days without food

  • An avid speaker of cosmology, crystals, and meditation

  • Favorite asana: Seated Bow

  • Favorite Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana

"When I humbly sought a real and lasting solution to the human predicament of perpetual dissatisfaction and suffering, I was offered this art of mindfulness. Through this journey, I am propelling to the highest and brightest version of myself through yoga, meditation, and deep rooted holistic healing.  My hearts desire is to  hold a sacred space to guide you in depths of supreme love. I transfer a match from my own flame to bring a spark to you, attuning and acknowledging the light and love within you."


Veda Sara Das

Raised in a monastery from the age of 5 and studied the art of ancient esoteric Yoga teachings. After imbibing the mood of the teachings he was anointed as the head of the monastery dedicating his life to unalloyed devotional service. He currently spends his time serving the global community in the art of self realization through the process of

self inquiry.

"Infinite human potential is the secret treasure that is waiting to be excavated"


Nitai Das

Georgia Institute of Technology

Masters in Industrial Design

Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering

  • Creative Director of Mindful Servant Institute

  • Chief Operating Officer of Food4Lives (a MSI nonprofit)

  • a lifetime mindful servant and has performed many austerities to connect with the higher self within.

  • Favorite Asana: Shoulder stand​​​​​

  • Favorite Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana, Maha Bandha

"I believe that ancient eastern wisdom has a lot of knowledge which could change your life for the better. We are all servants in this world, consciously or unconsciously. Striving to make a conscious choice of connecting and being a servant of the higher consciousness. Join me for a life of service."


Shanti Devi

Georgia State University

Bachelors in Early Childhood Education

  • 200 hour Hatha Teacher Training

  • 200 hour classical yoga teacher training

  • Yoga Nidra teacher training

  • Practicing Tae Kwon Do for 12 years

  • 300 hours Kali Natha Yoga techer training

  • 3rd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • Tae Kwon Do coaches training camp in South Korea at Kyung Hee University

"Yoga is about making heart to  heart connections, and the best way to connect to another beings heart is through service. Seva is yoga just like on the yoga mat. The mind, teachings and transformations come when we bring ourselves to learn from the divine by serving. On the yoga mat we serve our temple, our bodies, soul and mind."

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