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Packages Include

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Online Yoga

7 am Mon-Sat

Attend daily online interactive classes where your input and requests get immediately satisfied by your instructors. Practice asanas, pranayama, meditations and discussions. If you miss the morning class the recorded video will be available.

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Beautiful Bhakti Club meetings


One of the main goals of MSI is to uplift students by providing yoga class and dinner at several college campuses. Connect with yoga at any campus open to the members of MSI. Join a heartfelt community of students.


Ecstatic Heartfelt Live Music Kirtan

Every Friday Night

What does Kirtan mean to you? Find out on Friday nights. Everything in the universe is composed of sound vibrations, so create a spiritual sound vibration with us.


Yoga Sculpt 2x per week

By invitation only.

Yoga sculpt is a high intensity Yoga Asana class that will push you to your limits. Torture yourself to surpass physical and psychological boundaries. 

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Morning Sanga Class

8 am Mon-Sat

By invitation only.

Bond with the MSI family. Share and receive realized knowledge. Open your heart to the MSI community in a daily conversation to start your day. This is a fantastic place to be a listener and a participant. We all have so much knowledge, wisdom and experience, so please share it with us!


Yogi Partner Sanga

Daily connection to the community

Take the MSI ayurvedic assessment to be placed in a group based on your psychophysical nature to introduce you to our community. Receive daily reminders to join our calls and attend our events events. You will placed in a group of Yogis with a leader to keep our community cohesive. 

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Private 1-on-1 2x per week with a Personal Yoga Rishi

Take your personal practice to the next level.

Learn Yoga and achieve your goals spiritually, mentally and physically. Create your custom personal practice designed to elevate you based on your unique psychophysical nature. Everyone's life is unique and is difficult at times. We provide the tools for you to discover the unique solution to the problems in your life. Your Mindful Servant will go to extreme lengths to help you reach your goals. 

The tools we use are Pranayama, Asanas, Ayurveda, Meditation and the Scrolls of MSI. Pranayama will boost your immune system, regulate your neurochemistry, stabilize the chemical imbalances in your body, enable you to detach, and so much more. Asanas are to prevent injury, increase flexibility, strength, endurance, prepare your body for spiritual advancement, increase body and spatial awareness and more. Meditation will help to answer your life's questions, explore your inner universe, enable a direct connection to the supreme energy within you. The Scrolls of MSI are literature written by MSI as a guide to MSI living.  

Magical MIndfulness Retreat Group


Join our retreats to unwind and connect

Spend some time getting to know your MSI community, take time to fully dedicate to your efforts to self realization. Experience especially curated activities to submerge yourself in a serene atmosphere of spiritual energy. Tranquil locations selected to filter out toxic vibrations so you can ascend to your highest potential.


Teacher Training

Get trained to be a Yoga Rishi and join the MSI community on a professional level

Dive deep into the ancient lifestyle of yoga as you explore the three parts of self: mind, body and spirit. This intensive course is designed to guide you to a practice of honest self-inquiry as you realize your highest potential.

Join the lineage of ecstatic personalities that have handed down the sacred knowledge of yoga from its origin over 5,000 years ago.

Start you career in Yoga!