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What is our technique?

Revealing one's heart in confidence through self inquiry

The first step involves an exercise of writing down one's emotions by asking questions that arise in one's mind as they attempt to describe a situation in their life - obviously, something that they think about frequently and is disturbed by. One shares their writings in confidence with a very few members of the community. This is important as most people do not trust themselves or give their hearts some space to express themselves.


Accepting bonafide questions for self-improvement

This is important as most people do not ask for help - they assume that everyone is moved only by lower tendencies. With the help of a teacher, you will be guided through questions about your current emotional state of being, thereby decoding the patterns of actions and reactions and their relationship to the past. The teacher will ask you about past and current emotions, and the situations and circumstances under which those experiences occurred. Answering these questions will help you to realize what has been subconsciously holding you back for many years. If you journaled at any point in your life and still have the journals, they will be re-read and processed. Past and current dream analysis may also occur.


Releasing limiting thoughts that pervert our vision

You can not pour water into a cup that is full of smoke ash. After identifying the damage and patterns that were projected on you, you will release the negative emotions, pain, toxic attachments, and toxic people from your life in various ways. You will also secure your emotional, mental, intellectual, and physical space. Releasing toxic energy drains and securing your personal space allows you to reclaim your power in order to move forward in a positive manner, setting you up for success. There are various recommended modalities that may transpire in this process, each tailored to the individual. 


Applying yoga techniques in the mode of goodness to realize hidden potential, our inner love

In yoga, dharma is your spiritual purpose in this lifetime and beyond, something directly influenced by the Universe and the Divine. After going through the previous steps, you will be guided through the process of realizing your dharma, which includes creating a roadmap and goals that allow you to follow it. Because dharma is the highest truth there is and is directly influenced by the Divine, any time a negative recurring thought or pattern arises, energy can be redirected to your dharma, which will help you to overcome your past conditioning. This is completely different from self-help planning taught in corporate offices, because there is much wisdom to be imbibed about ourselves from yoga texts, that redefine our world view, before we apply yoga to help our hearts, not just our mind or intelligence, plan our purpose and relationships.


created it?

The technique was created by Vedaji, the former head of a monastery in India who learned various techniques through his lifetime of yoga training and by applying those same techniques to himself. Through processing his own ignorance of reality, he was able to heal himself and realized that his life purpose is to serve others through selfless service (seva). Vedaji now lives a life devoted to helping others uncover their true, authentic selves through the process of Self-inquiry. The yoga practice that Vedaji shares is a combination of the essence derived from many ancient yoga lineages, specifically Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, he is the founder of the Mindful Seva Institute and Food4Lives, now operating in Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Hartford, New York, and Brussels.

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Join Vedaji on the retreat

About Vedaji


Born under a bilba tree in the northeast Indian jungle, Vedaji grew up constantly asking questions trying to make sense of this amusing world. In search of the answers to those questions, at the tender age of five he and his brother ran away from home, ultimately landing in a monastery which he lived at for the rest of his childhood through early adulthood. Given his inquisitive nature, at a young age he became known as the one everyone went to with their problems. Because of this, he ultimately became the head of the monastery, remaining in that position for approximately 10 years. Eventually feeling a need to fulfill the greater purpose of his life, he moved to the United States approximately fifteen years ago to help those in the western world.

Ultimately settling in Atlanta, Vedaji created the Mindful Seva Institute (MSI), a yoga-focused mental health organization that provides students the tools to set themselves free. Through MSI, he has empowered his students to create approximately ten Bhakti Yoga Clubs in various universities throughout the United States. Vedaji also created Food4Lives, a non-profit organization with thousands of volunteers and donors dedicated to providing food, shelter, and mental support services to homeless individuals living in Atlanta, Athens, New York, Charlotte, and Belgium.

While Vedaji has influenced the lives of thousands of devotees, followers, and students over his lifetime, he remains in humble gratitude to all of his teachers and gives all credit for his accomplishments to Krishna, Shiva, and the teachers before him. He simply lives to serve.

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